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BugSeq strives to empower labs with many users to collaborate, share and aggregate data across members and analyses.

Some of the features we offer for labs:

  • Sharing analyses with some or all members of a lab (labs can be set up to automatically share all analyses)
  • Aggregating outbreak information from all analyses submitted within a lab - see outbreak analysis
  • Querying for genomes seen by other members of the lab, and tying those back to specific samples (coming soon)
  • Stay tuned for more features!

Creating a Lab

One user must create the lab. They will be the designated lab manager.

  1. Head over to the Labs section on the left navigation bar:

    Labs Nav

  2. Enter a name for the lab, and click Create

    Labs Create

Inviting Members

Once you have a lab set up, you can invite your lab members.

  1. On the Labs page, there will be a section to Invite New Members:

    Labs Invite

  2. Fill in an email address and click Invite


    The invited user does not yet need to have a BugSeq account, and the email entered does not need to match the email that they use for their BugSeq account.

  3. An email will be sent to the user with instructions to join the lab. If they have not yet registered for BugSeq, it will guide them through that flow and then add them to the lab.

Last update: January 11, 2023